Foreign Exchange & Cooperation

Foreign Exchange & Cooperation

In accordance with the policies of the National Plan for Medium and Long-term Education Reform and Development (2010-2020), Amendments for further strengthening the Quality Assurance of Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running School in Higher Education and Jiangsu Provincial High Level Model Plan for Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running School in Higher Education, Suzhou Vocational Institute of Industrial Technology has been exploring cooperative patterns of running school, aiming to cultivate international talents with global outlook and a good knowledge of international rules, capable of participating in international affairs and competitions. SIIT is putting more efforts into innovating institutions and mechanisms to build the platforms for overseas education exchange with multi levels in various fields, and to broaden the global vision of the teachers and students.

SIIT has jointly sponsored Sino-Australian Mechatronics Class and China-U.S. E-commerce Class successively with the Open University in Queensland, Australia and Argosy Universitythe USA. We are going to carry out the Chinese-foreign cooperation program of Mechatronics with British Cambridge Community College in 2017, in which, only when the students pass all the courses, will they be awarded a diploma by two colleges, and have the opportunities to continue the-third-year study in Britain as they like.

Over the years, SIIT has been launching the teaching and managerial staff training programs with 8 colleges and universities in Canada, Japan and Britain. We simultaneously enhance the exchanges and cooperation with more than 10 overseas higher institutions in academic exchange, textbook publishing, skill competitions and exchange students. We are also a positive participator in the activities held in the countries along the Belt and Road. The first CA in the colleges of Jiangsu province, jointly established in our school with Taiwan Development Association of Embedded Microchip, has become our first embedded access to international professional certificate.

We highly value International strategy. During the period of our “13th five-year plan”, to effectively raise the international talent-cultivation level, we are to promote the international cooperation and exchange, to carry out the construction of training and internship bases, to set the theory-practice-integration courses and training courses, to invite foreign exports to teach specialized courses, and to take the initiative to meet the requirements of the international professional certificate.

In addition, we will expand vocational education cooperation with the countries along the Belt and Road to better our international service, through helping the go-abroad enterprises to train their local workers in the foreign countries and to provide them further study in skills and diploma.

What’s more, we will make our school more open to the world, by means of the communication with international organizations and global businesses and developed countries with good vocational education, all of whom are of fine reputation, to attract the students from foreign countries and other districts to study in our school or to have various talk with us.