Institute-enterprise Cooperation

Institute-enterprise Cooperation

Suzhou Vocational Institute of Industrial Technology has been exploring a new pattern with more vitality in running school. We have established the “SIIT Council” with some government departments guiding, and with economic development zones, industry associations, enterprises and colleges directing, which includes 7 government departments concerned and industry associations as vice-director units, 15 standing director members such as Suzhou landmark enterprises Chuangyuan Group and Hengtong Group, 31 governing units such as well-known enterprises Black & Decker and GST. We also have a good cooperation with Suzhou Federation of Industrial Economy and Suzhou Association of Small Medium Enterprises. A strategic alliance was also founded to dock their subordinate industry association and small medium-sized enterprises. In2015, SIIT, as the leader, set up Suzhou Modern Electronic Information Vocational Education Group.

Based on “the Ten-Hundred-Thousand Project”, SIIT, with Chuangyuan Group and Hengtong Group and other landmark enterprises in Suzhou, jointly created Chuangyuan School and Hengtong School and other 10 school-enterprise cooperative schools. Another 6 intramural productive practice bases, 13 enterprise teaching centers and 79 close off-campus internship bases have been bilaterally established.

All-around cooperation with different forms between SIIT and enterprises is held mainly by means of college enterprising, teaching for enterprises, ordered talents training, joint schooling, training bases constructing in the enterprises, opening enterprise forums on campus, researching together, interacting between associations and school, helping the students grow, supporting the development of business, exchanging cadres with co-oprative enterprises and maiking concerted efforts in Party-building.

Since 2014, to further integrate the business culture into campus culture, all the freshman classes have been individually sponsored a company’s name, which also helps to build a great platform for the teachers and students to have a better communication with businesses, and to attract the enterprises to cultivate the qualified talents with distinctive corporate image and with modern professional skills, and to build a favorable atmosphere with rich business cultures contributing to the growth of students.

Attracting talents into school helps to develop 4 key specialties.

Attracting funds into school helps to accomplish 6 intramural productive training bases.

Attracting research into school helps to accomplish 13 technology R&D platforms.

Sending students into enterprises helps to accomplish 79 close off-campus internship bases.

Sending teachers into enterprises helps to accomplish 16 teacher practice workstations.

Sending teaching into enterprises helps to accomplish 13 teaching centers for businesses.